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Editorial content
Enrich your articles with isnotTV's tools, or let us freelance journalists directly create highly engaging articles for your readers (e.g. "New on Netflix" or "5 Movies you cannot miss this month")
Cinema Schedules
A classic Cinema Grid, with all new Movies showing near your readers and all details they need to choose. The perfect engagement solution for local newspapers, and those with national scope.
TV Guides
Fresh approach to the traditional grid, and a collection of interactive carrousels highlighting specific content relevant to your readers (“Movies on TV tonight”, “Best kid’s programs on TV now”, etc…)
Streaming Guides
Looking at a younger readership? Let your readers choose their evening movie with a comprehensive selection of best content available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc...
Talk directly, and personally to your readers. Send personalised entertainment newsletters to your readers. Probably the only newsletter content that can be truly (and effortlessly) personalised.
Push & SMS Alerts
Do you engage with your readers once they leave your site? Automatically send a Whatsapp alerts 5 minutes before a TV show starts, or notify them of new episodes of their favourite Series.

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